About PRD

As hard and cracked as the Liberty Bell.

Philly Roller Derby (PRD) is a skater-owned and operated roller derby league and we are a proud member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Established in 2005, Philly Roller Derby’s mission is simple: to promote health, athleticism, and leadership skills in people of all ages through roller derby training and competition. Working within the organization provides our members varied opportunities to develop leadership skills and self-esteem, which positively impacts our skaters both on and off the track. PRD strives to develop relationships with other nonprofit organizations and charities, and to support groups within the great city of Philadelphia and beyond.

We have developed a league of athletes on wheels that has brought roller derby back to Philadelphia, PA, and our league is currently comprised of over 50 skaters, dozens of officials and volunteers, as well as countless fans and supporters. PRD is comprised of four competitive interleague teams, ready to take on any five, any time:

belles-250pxThe Liberty Belles

PRD’s hard-hitting all-star travel team represent the league at the highest level of inter-league competition. The team is ranked 2nd in the East region and has continuously ranked within the Top 25 worldwide since joining the WFTDA. When they’re not defending our home turf, they travel across the country to compete.


dolls-250pxThe Independence Dolls

Representing PRD against WFTDA “B” level travel teams, up-and-coming WFTDA “A” level travel teams and non-WFTDA all-star teams, the Dolls are adaptable and agile competitors Many Dolls serve as alternates for The Liberty Belles and they are nothing to be trifled with. Together, these 30 skaters make up PRD’s International All-Star travel team contingent.


blockp-250pxThe Block Party

Considered a pick-up team, the Block Party is a motley crew of skaters not already skating for the Liberty Belles or Independence Dolls who are interested in additional competitive playing time. The Block Party represents PRD primarily against regional competitors, bringing the party to New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and even Ohio. Wherever they go, they bring a competitive spirit on- and off- the track. The Block Party know how to party hard!


cheese-250pxThe CheeseSkates

The CheeseSkates are comprised of PRD’s recent Fresh Meat graduates and compete primarily against regional teams. Skaters develop existing skills and learn competitive strategies executed by the league.



Philly Roller Derby’s season begins in April and ends in November. We have just moved into our new Warehouse and are looking forward to making our WareHOUSE a HOME!  Click here to learn more about the status of the Warehouse.

To get in touch with PRD regarding events, sponsorships, training, or other opportunities, please see our Contact page.

Philly Roller Derby (doing business as Philly Roller Girls) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer managed, flat track roller derby organization located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Established in 2005, Philly Roller Derby’s mission is to promote health, athleticism, and leadership skills in people of all ages through roller derby training and competition.