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We are Philly and we want YOU!

Philly Roller Derby is always looking for dedicated and determined competitors. Like any sport, roller derby requires aggression, endurance, teamwork, as well as mental and physical toughness — and that’s not all. We are a skater-owned and operated organization and that means we work hard on- and off- skates. Just what kind of work are we talking about? Check out our FAQs below for some more information regarding league membership and expectations.

Still not sure? Attend one of our workshops where  we  teach some basic skating skills necessary for derby and answer any questions you may have about joining the league. Never skated before? Who cares?! Derby will teach you that Rule #1 is to be fearless. Fortune favors the brave, after all. Follow us on Facebook to receive updates on our upcoming workshops. We hope to see you soon!



Yes, to try out for our Fresh Meat program you must be 18 or older. If you are an interested transfer skater, please contact for more information regarding the process.

Not 18 and not a transfer? Not to worry! PRD has a Junior Derby league for skaters ages 6 to 18. Don’t let the word ‘junior’ fool you – these skaters are TOUGH! Register for an upcoming session.



Time! Practice, meetings, fund-raising, bouts, promoting and planning for events can take a considerable time commitment. We are skater-owned and operated. That means all skaters vote on every major league decision and are invested in the success of PRD. The only reason this league is successful is due to the dedication and efforts of every single skater to making things happen.

Every veteran skater is required to attend a minimum of 65% of available practice sessions per month. Additionally, each skater is asked to get involved (on some measurable level) in the organizational aspects of the league. For example, those who are able to dedicate more of their time may find that they can take on the responsibilities of a committee head, while others can help the league by flyering or setting up at our events.

PRD membership also requires some monetary commitment. Every skater is expected to pay monthly dues; this amount helps cover various training costs, such as renting a practice space year round. Dues are collected at the first practice of each month and payment programs may be available.

Upon first joining Philly Roller Derby, skaters are asked to cover the cost of health insurance provided through the WFTDA. Despite any other policies you may hold, liabilities dictate that all skaters must be insured by a WFTDA insurance. We want everyone in a PRD uniform to be safe from helmet to toestop! Please see for more information. Our insurance committee head will be available to answer questions about WFTDA insurance and enroll you in the program as soon as you are accepted into the Philly Roller Derby organization.


Got more questions? Contact Wolf, our Head of Fresh Meat.