Transferring to PRD

Philly Roller Derby welcomes transfers with roller derby experience to attend our monthly transfer tryouts.  This year-round option is designed to offer skaters with advanced skills and strategic understanding a more accessible and flexible option for pursuing league membership.


Skaters currently active with a WFTDA league are automatically qualified for transfer tryouts. Non-WFTDA skaters may petition to Philly Roller Derby’s Head of Training and the Board of Directors. Any petitioning skater must submit a letter of intent, 1-3 letters of recommendation from current leaguemates and/or skaters affiliated with PRD, as well as a skater resume. It is suggested someone from your league’s management includes one the letters of recommendation. All paperwork should be submitted to Herrmann Monster.


Transfer tryouts will be offered the last scrimmage practice of every month, upon request. The transfer tryout is formatted as three rounds, and based on the WFTDA minimum skills assessment:

  • Round 1: Basic Skating Skills (i.e. form, stopping, transitions)
  • Round 2: Blocking and Agility
  • Round 3: Scrimmage

A panel of skaters selected by training will assess all potential transfers during their tryout. After each round, the panel will determine whether you may proceed to the next round.

Petitioning skaters who pass Round 3 will start a 30 day probationary period during which the skater must make 75% of available practices in order to be considered an official league member. Dues must also be paid.


Once the probationary period is successfully completed, you will become eligible to join a travel team. To remain bout eligible, you are expected to attend 65% of all practices offered each month, pay your dues by the 3rd practice of each month, participate in a promo event prior to every home bout and are highly encouraged to join a committee. Everyone works during home bouts and must work during ECDX.

Practices are Sundays 6-9pm (sometimes 1:30-4:30pm), Wednesdays 7-9pm and Thursdays, 7:30-10pm. We practice at our warehouse at 5378 Belfield Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144.