Lay Down Sally.

November Skater of the Month: Lay Down Sally #86 ✨Get out of her way– because Lay Down Sally will tractor right over you!!!! 🚜🚜🚜At a impressive 5′ 10″ Sally leverages her height as a quick blocker that can cover the track quickly and a jammer that sta

Buenos D. A$$.

October Skater of the Month: Buenos D. A$$ #138 ✨🇱🇷Buenos was a fantastic addition to the 🔔Liberty Belles🔔at the beginning of the season and is still able to WOW derby enthusiast and her teammates every time! She sets the bar high for any competitors because sh

Lady MacDeath.

September’s Skater of the Month: Lady MacDeath #999 🌟We welcomed MacDeath to PRD this season with huge open arms and we are so thankful 🙏🏽to have her as an active skater, encouraging teammate and inspiring skater with willingness to grow individually and with her team(s