Motley Dru #15 – PRDJ.

Derby runs through her family; she has a sister, Ruff Red who is also a Junior.  Even her mom just joined Freshmeat!  Look out…Motley Dru has a great 2017 season ahead of her!

PRD Juniors Travel Team.

Philly Roller Derby is pleased to announce the 2016-2017 PRD Junior Travel Team!  We add four new skaters this season – Veg-O-Matic, Harley Spinn, Malice in Wonderland and Brutal Lulu. BACK: (L-R) YaYa the Destroyer – Ruff Red –  Jena Vendetta – BOOMeRaNg – Take Dow

PRD Moves In!.

Philly Roller Derby has moved into their new Warehouse!  After nearly 11 years, of practicing and playing derby in and around Philadelphia and Camden, the teams are proud to have a place to call their own! Centrally located in Philadelphia, you can find PRD practicing and scrimmaging  in our new W

DTRF Running for Answers 5K.

PRD Volunteered at DTRF Running for Answers 5K For the second year in a row, PRD volunteered as marshals at the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation Running for Answers 5K on September 25, 2016. There were so many participants and we were thankful to be part of their day.

Fun in the Sun.

The Philly Junior Travel Team are excited to announce they are heading to Florida on April 30 for their first long-distance travel experience. They will be taking on three highly competitive JRDA teams from Florida and Georgia. Over the weekend, they will face off against Tampa Junior Roller Derby,

PRD Prepares to Bring Pain to Discomfort.

Philly Roller Derby’s All Stars are starting out their season with a bang! After a knuckle biting one point last jam win over Garden State’s A team, the Independence Dolls are travelling south with their Liberty Belle companions to Southern Discomfort, a tournament hosted in Columbia, SC by the

Drum Roll, Please!.

Philly Roller Derby is proud to present the newest selection of Liberty Belles for 2016. Congratulations to: 00 – Meryl StripHer 06 – Castro 127 – Niki Cash 144 – Holden Killfield 152 – Hermann Monster 1915 – ZipBlock 247 – Devoida Mercy 313 – Emma No

nothing junior about this roster.

Philly Roller Derby is proud to announce Philly Roller Derby Junior’s first JRDA travel team charter of 2016. 99 – Ana 817 – BOOMeRaNg 29 – Demon Spawn 95 – Devilled Leggz 92 – Dragon Slayer 80 – Em-80 1021 – Galaxy Smash 394 – Hermione Maimer 5 R