2015 PRDJ Travel Team Charter.

Philly Roller Derby is proud to announce Philly Roller Derby Junior’s first JRDA travel team charter of 2015. 99 – Ana 817 – BOOMeRaNg 29 – Demon Spawn 95 – Devilled Leggz 92 – Dragon Slayer 80 – Em-80 394 – Hermione Maimer 777 – Jostling Josie 181 &

Life Without Limits 5K.

For the fourth consecutive year Philly Roller Derby had the privilege of supporting United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia by volunteering at the 35th Annual “Life Without Limits” 5k Run.

PRD Juniors Program Goes Co-Ed.

In 2015, Philly Roller Girls made the important decision to become more gender-inclusive, starting with some very public-facing shifts with the way we’ve trained our young athletes. By changing our name to ‘Philly Roller Derby,’ the league heralded some small but fairly significant mov


Dubbed “the bulldozer” by her leaguemates, find out what makes her hits so powerful and why she says her ego is a liar.

Young EmC.

She may be small but she’s mighty! Learn more about Dolls’ skater Young EmC, what brought her to Philly, and what she loves best about this sport.