• NicknameMercy
  • PositionBlocker/Pivot

Roller derby history:

Philly Roller Derby, 2009

I was an artistic figure skater from the ages of 6-20, but then hadn’t skated for a long time before seeing my first bout in 2009. By the second whistle I knew I had to play and tried out a few weeks later, it’s hard to believe this will be my seventh season!


Also plays for:

PA All Stars

Worst injury to date:

In 2013 I suffered a broken nose and concussion while playing in a tournament in Tampa, FL.

Proudest derby moment to date:

Jamming for the Liberty Belles at Divisionals and Championships in 2013 - it was a dream come true. I also am extremely proud of the Philly Juniors Program and being chosen as one of the North/Northeast Coaches for the 2016 Junior Olympics.

Pre/post bout rituals:

I also gear up in the same way - left skate on, right skate on, left knee pad, etc., it's all very OCD. For bouts I always listen to music and each season I choose a theme song for while I am getting ready to take the track.

When not on the track, where can we expect to find you?

Baking cupcakes or doing some type of crafty thing...

The superhero I most identify with is:

My mom - she really was a Superhero.

Additional information

Huge thanks to Chaya Skates, Juice Wheels, Cheezeballs Bearings and everyone in my life who supports me in this amazing derby journey.