• NicknameH (I started announcing as "Hymen Heaven"!)
  • PositionJammer/Blocker/Pivot

Roller derby history:

Philly Roller Derby, 2007

I started as an announcer for Philly in 2007, and quickly found out that I was pregnant with my son. I kept announcing, then started to officiate in 2010. Eventually, I just wanted to get more and more involved as I saw how awesome the game was. I tried out in 2013 and became a skater in 2014. Now, I coach my son, who is a Level 2 skater with Philly’s Juniors program–Catman. Watching him make progress as a skater is mind-blowing.


Worst injury to date:

Eeeep! I hate this question. I'm superstitious. But I had a really ugly knee contusion and have been in PT for my knees a few times. When we first start working on mohawks, it's easy to use your knees to rotate out instead of your hips. PT and strength training helped.

Proudest derby moment to date:

I have two, and they are totally different. I'm the Director of Broadcast Operations for the WFTDA, and still an announcer. I think officiating and skating have really helped transform my game calls. In 2015, I not only orchestrated our first WFTDA broadcast for ESPN3, I also was an announcer on the broadcast. That was worth the years of work I put into it, much like my second favorite moment--watching my son get lead jammer and score points the first time he ever jammed in a scrimmage. (Catman has no time for your walls, y'all.)

Pre/post bout rituals:

Protein, protein, protein. Carbs always wear out for me during the game, but protein sticks! I won MVP Blocker at a game against DC's B team last year, so I always try to listen to what I was listening to then--MC Hammer, obvi. HOWEVER. Dairy Queen after a game is outstanding.

When not on the track, where can we expect to find you?

At my desk, making sure more people in the world can watch WFTDA roller derby.

The superhero I most identify with is:

My dad. A former hockey player, the first time he saw roller derby, he said, "Those skaters need to stay low. They're a prime target for getting knocked out of the way if they stay so upright." (YESDADYES.)