• NicknameEZ
  • PositionJammer/Blocker/Pivot

Roller derby history:

Philly Roller Derby, 2014

I basically lived at the Janesville Wisconsin Skatin’ Place in the 1980s-90s, including working there through high school and jam skating every Saturday night. After hanging up my quad skates for almost 20 years, my wonderful husband Jeff brought home a PRG Tryout Flier and tickets to the last bout of 2013 that he found while out on the town. I was hooked from the first minute of the bout. He got me started and without his help, I couldn’t continue.

Worst injury to date:

Ankle at the end of my first season - some awful combination of sprain and contusion. But, hey, Physical Therapy really works and I'm back skating with no problems.

Proudest derby moment to date:

Every moment I have the privilege of skating with the amazing, strong, hard-working and beautiful women of PRD.

Pre/post bout rituals:

Pre: Hope to show up on time. Post: Sleep.

When not on the track, where can we expect to find you?

Being an oncologist, mom of 2 small kids, wife of a surgeon. So basically you won't be able to find me.

The superhero I most identify with is:

Elastigirl (well, that is if she was a working mom)