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Skated with Rose in Portland when I was at school, came to Philly once I got back for my year off. Going back and forth between the two until my schooling done and I decide to settle in one place.

Worst injury to date:

Permanent dimple in my butt after a fall on a skate obliterated the fat cells there. Affectionately referred to as my butt dimple.

Proudest derby moment to date:

Being able to get my skates completely in a line and skate sideways

Pre/post bout rituals:

Spray gear down and eat a huge meal about 2-3 hours before, then a small snack bar right before

When not on the track, where can we expect to find you?

Home playing video games, drawing, or working out.

The superhero I most identify with is:

Rogue, cuz everything I touch goes to shit