• NicknameTef,Tef Leppard
  • PositionBlocker/Pivot

Roller derby history:

Philly Roller Derby, 2007

Carolina Rollergirls

Also plays for:

Team USA, Team Riedell, PA All Stars

Worst injury to date:

Separated shoulder.

Proudest derby moment to date:

Playing competitively for the past 10+ years!

Pre/post bout rituals:

I've gone through several pre-game rituals but the one that has stuck with me throughout the years is that one of the first things I do is put my uniform on regardless of what time we play. Its part of my transformation into Teflon Donna. My uniform serves as a reminder that everything I do throughout the day has the purpose of getting me mentally and physically ready for the game.

When not on the track, where can we expect to find you?

Most of the time you can find me at the gym or napping on the couch with my pup.

The superhero I most identify with is:

My power animal is the orangutan.