Voltairine de Sleyre


Sleyre came to PRD in 2016 with some solid goals and she is checking her list off real quick! The mental and physical challenge, pushing oneself to learn new skills and the surprise of accomplishing things one didn’t know they were capable of doing keep Sleyre’s mind right. This is why she loves this sport so much!

She started playing roller derby in June 2010 and prior to joining PRD she was a skater with Shore Points Roller Derby out of New Jersey. During the off season her time was spent well, in our rather chilly warehouse regularly, staying strong for the up coming season. Involving derby with Cross Fit and biking over 100 miles a week is putting her on the right track to get plump! (Plump=strong and muscly, she says)
She lives the Barista and Bike Messenger life so the hustle is real! Keeping her diet and exercise regimented, maintaining a positive attitude and the extreme willingness to learn and improve make Sleyre one of the best league mates you’ll come across!
Congrats Sleyre you earned it, we look forward to the surprises and awesome work you’ll do this season!