Wonder Wehrman #76

Wonder Wehrman

Wonder has made leaps and bounds skating with PRD!! She has improved her skills not only by skating but by tons of cross training outside of practice! There is a lot of work Wonder handles behind the closed curtains of PRD admin. and we thank her for all that she does!

Wonder is a great communicator and super skilled event organizer! She really is a Wonder Woman!

Favorite/Signature move- My favorite jammer move that I’m trying to learn/perfect is the mohawk spin around a blocker

What do you like most about roller derby? I get to be my own hero (It’s corny but true)

Why did you start playing? I’ve been in love with derby since 2006. I watched  the show on  A&E called Rollergirls.I didn’t skate as a kid so I let fear of learning and failing at something override my desire to do something I loved.  I volunteered for Philly for a few years but the more I watched it the more I wanted to be out there doing it. In 2014 I finally swallowed that fear and learned how to skate.

What surprised you about the sport?  It’s ageless, you can be 19 or 40  it doesn’t matter.   I never thought that I would be playing a contact sport at 40.

Why did you choose PRD? I have a lot of  friends that are part of Philly Roller Derby. PRD feels like home and family to me.

Because of roller derby… I’m stronger physically and mentally.