Lay Down Sally

November Skater of the Month:
Lay Down Sally #86

Get out of her way– because Lay Down Sally will tractor right over you!!!! 🚜🚜🚜At a impressive 5′ 10″ Sally leverages her height as a quick blocker that can cover the track quickly and a jammer that stands high against opposing teams. She came to Philly as a brand new skater, THIS SEASON and is already killin’ the game!! 💥💥 In addition to being a strong player with the Independence Dolls/Block Party, Lay Down Sally also plays with PRD’s hometeam, Germantown Loose Cannons! 👀👀Look for Lay Down Sally’s double threat abilities in the 2018 PRD home season at PRD’s own, Roller Jawn with her Loose Cannons! BOOM! 💣💣

When Sally isn’t skating she spends time in the outdoors 🏕 on her small farm, hiking, growing vegetables 🥔🌽🥕and selling them at a stand out front! 👩🏼‍🌾 OH and don’t forget and her chickens! 🐔🐣🐔 Lots of family and friends time is super important to her as well! Aw! 💖

🙌🏽Great work this season Lay Down Sally– whatcha got for Philly Roller Derby in 2018?!?! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Buenos D. A$$

October Skater of the Month:
Buenos D. A$$ #138

🇱🇷Buenos was a fantastic addition to the 🔔Liberty Belles🔔at the beginning of the season and is still able to WOW derby enthusiast and her teammates every time! She sets the bar high for any competitors because she does not stop!! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️Holding strong and fierce stance on the jam line from the start and will have her head held high at the end of each jam. She is enthusiastic, encourages and pushes all of her team and league mates!

🙏🏽We are always so appreciative of our fans, especially those that travel ✈️with us! Every away game we get to spend time with Buenos’ awesome husband. He is always rooting with a loud voice trackside! What a great support for a super supportive league member of PRD!💖💖

👀👀Look for Buenos with the jammer 🌟 star as the Liberty Belles 🔔🔔 will be starting right back up again after 2017 International WFTDA Championships – PHILADELPHIA! 🏆🏆

Lady MacDeath

September’s Skater of the Month:
Lady MacDeath #999

🌟We welcomed MacDeath to PRD this season with huge open arms and we are so thankful 🙏🏽to have her as an active skater, encouraging teammate and inspiring skater with willingness to grow individually and with her team(s). 👯👯

👉🏼👉🏼Since she has joined PRD she has grown immensely as a skater. As a recently Freshmeat graduate, prior to transferring to Philly, she jumped in and contributed to the Freshmeat program! She helped guide new skaters to have the same drive and love for derby that we all have!😍❤️

MacDeath is a part of the Block Party travel team and Passyunk Punks 🤘🏼home team! She will put on any hat and rock that jam to the best of her abilities. After practices we loved having special 🍰🍪treats n sweets 🎂🍩provided by her mother, Mama Bear! 🐻💖PRD will miss this and most importantly MACDEATH when she heads back to Portland to continue her higher education! We will miss all she has contributed to Philly this season and hope that she’ll be back soon! 😢😘Thank you MacDeath, you’ll be awesome wherever derby takes you! ⚡️⚡️


July’s Skater of the Month:
#MyGurlSus #42

💫Susie is an all around bundle of fun, fierce and positivity! 💫 She is always making huge steps to improve her game as well as support her teammates! Susie can take on any role that is needed to help the league or her team. As a jammer, blocker or even the league’s rainbow unicorn, space cat mascot! 🌈🦄🚀🐱

👍🏼Yep– she’s a hashtag because she’s someone you should all search and know!
💖We love Sus and she is probably the best person to party with too! ☺️🥂🔮🎀

I hope yall saw #MyGurlSus at East Coast Derby Extravaganza this past weekend because she dominated the track with the Party Dolls! 🎉

Bilt Ta Spill

August’s Skater of the Month:
Bilt Ta Spill!! #45

Bilt is one of the 🔔Liberty Belles’🔔starting defensive blockers! She uses her fast and agile figure skating background to catch and slow down any jammer! And she’s only been playing derby for 3 seasons!!!!
She is a great asset to Philly Roller Derby as a competitive skater and one of the great coaches of the adult league and Philly Roller Derby Juniors! 🤗🤗🤗

💯💯 Bilt Ta Spill is an impressive and admirable person not only as a teammate but as a Baker and Mother! She spends time with her family also time on the track with her daughter and PRD Juniors skater,🌀Harley Spinn!🌀

You can catch her riding her bike throughout the city, teaching baking classes OR baking some delicious pastries and desserts at one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia!!!! 🍰🍪🥐

Congrats Bilt– you are an awesome teammate and we love your pastries! YUM!

🌟🌟Look for Bilt at the 2017 WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Dallas!! September 22-24th @ Irving Convention Center!🌟🌟

Photo Credit: Jeremy Wren and Jennifer M. Ramos, Photographer

Take Down Diva

Take Down Diva is one of many Philly Junior’s powerful blockers!  She’s been skating with PRDJ for five years.  She’s a middle school student and is on the cheerleading squad.  She’s a real team oriented skater and we are so glad to have her!

Diva’s voice on the track and bubbly personality definitely contributes to many of the wins the Juniors have achieved.  Keep your eyes peeled, we have a derby lifer!


Shockwave is a great new asset to 2017 Philly Roller Derby! She’s brought great ideas and proved to be the best stand-up teammate that anyone could wish for!
Shock is one of the strongest skaters and will overcome any obstacle in her way! Her mental and physical game are on POINT!

We are so very thankful to have such a positive force with our league and especially with the Independence Dolls and Liberty Belles!

Look for her shocking skills this season with PRD’s hometeam winners, Germantown Loose Cannons.