10 Year Anniversary Party

Philly Roller Girls was formed in March 2005 by a group of women determined to bring women’s roller derby to the City of Brotherly Love. Ten years later, we celebrate a decade of derby in the city with a fun skating party in Philadelphia’s new summer roller rink.

We are also using this gathering as an opportunity to raise funds for our derby sister Nina Knockout. Nina and her daughter are currently in the hospital, and we will be donating all proceeds to her. Nina was an integral skater for PRG, as a Hostile City Honey, then as a Broad Street Butcher, as well as part of the first Liberty Belles team. Nina was also an integral member of WFTDA, and served as a liaison for the league for many years.

More info on the rink can be found here: http://www.delawareriverwaterfront.com/places/blue-cross-riverrink-summerfest 


Admission: $3 for admission for non-Independence BlueCross/Blue Shield members, FREE for members
Skate rental: $10. Food and alcohol are also available at the rink.

The River Rink is generously donating all admissions ($3) from 7-10 pm to Nina and her family! Please bring family and friends! Bring the kids!

All proceeds to go to Nina!
(Details continuously added as we receive items, please email shydoll@erols.com if you have items you would like to donate).

+ THE ABBAYE gift certificate
+ F.A.N. SALON & BOUTIQUE gift certificate
+ 2009 PRD MATTED PRINTS by Sarah Davenport
+ BLACKBIRD PIZZERIA gift certificate
+ FOSSIL WATCHES: 2 men’s, 2 women’s, 2 dop kits with perfume/cologne a keychain and a passport wallet
+ SKETCH BURGER gift certificate
+ MESH VINTAGE gift certificate
+ FIREBALL gift basket
+ PHILLIES COLE HAMELS signed hat and baseball


The Go Fund Me page set up for Nina and her family can be found here:http://www.gofundme.com/4c7yeanjs

It’s a derby weekend too. If you’re planning to stay in the city, contact Ginger Vitis about possible skater housing.
Philly Roller Derby is playing a DOUBLE HEADER vs. MONTREAL the very next morning (Sat – 8/22) at the Sportsplex in Feasterville (1/2 hour north on 95) followed by a POOL PARTY in the afternoon. Join us and make a weekend of it!

10th season opener

PRD had a smashing start to 2015! The first bouts for all four Philly Roller Derby teams saw amazing skill and phenomenal victories.

The Cheeseskates, a team compiled of skaters who went through Philly Roller Derby’s intensive Fresh Meat Training program took on local rivals, Atlantic Coast Roller Girls, in a game on March 29th to mark the end of their Fresh Meat training.  The final score was 267-193 for Philly.
A couple weeks later, the other Philly teams took to the track for PRD’s official season opener at Class of ’23 UPenn Arena in our snazzy new uniforms.  The Block Party took on Assault City from Syracuse, NY and won 180-151.
The Independence Dolls took on Ithaca League of Women Rollers’ Suffer Jets and handily won the bout 216-107.
The following morning saw PRD host our first co-ed open juniors scrimmage, some lovely crepes made personally by PRD skater Meryl Stripher and PRD’s charter team, the Liberty Belles, take on Charm City from Baltimore in an unsanctioned game to warm up for their travel to the Big O where they will face 3 other top ten teams in a single weekend.  The Belles looked more than ready for the season ahead leading almost the entire bout and winning the game, 212-161.
PRD starts the season 4-0 but we think the real winners were the folks who participated in this halftime game.
Check out what will happen at our next home bout on May 30th.  Tickets available here.

2015 PRDJ Travel Team Charter

Philly Roller Derby is proud to announce Philly Roller Derby Junior’s first JRDA travel team charter of 2015.

99 – Ana
817 – BOOMeRaNg
29 – Demon Spawn
95 – Devilled Leggz
92 – Dragon Slayer
80 – Em-80
394 – Hermione Maimer
777 – Jostling Josie
181 – Maddy Long Legs
15 – Motley Dru
10 – Rainbow Crash
17 – Take Down Diva
B00M – Thunder Thighs
13 – Unstoppable
20 – Ya Ya The Destroyer

You can see the travel team in action on Sunday May 31st when they face off at home against Gotham Juniors in their first JRDA-sanctioned bout. This bout will take place at Millennium Skate World in Camden, NJ.

2017 Season

Follow us on social media to catch all the fun times as the Liberty Belles continue their season at home and on the road!

June 17 Liberty Belles vs Stockholm

June 23 (at ECDX) Liberty Belles vs Montreal

July 23-25 (at Sweat Fest) Liberty Belles vs TBD

September WFTDA Playoffs – Location and opponents TBD

Liberty Belles 2017 Season Schedule

Annual Tryouts: Are You Game?

Come be a part of one of the best roller derby leagues in the world! Then join us on November 15th for our annual tryouts.

WHEN: Sunday, November 15
WHERE: Millennium Skate World, 1900 Carman Street, Camden, NJ
TIME: 11AM-2PM (Registration starts at 10:45am)
GEAR: You must wear full gear: helmet, mouthguard, knee, wrist, and elbow pads – and skates, of course! (While there are skates available for rent at no cost, we do recommend a better quality skate if you choose to proceed through the fresh meat program. Loaner gear will also be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.)

Please bring a valid photo ID and wear something with your name on it (shirt, helmet, etc). Tryouts are open to females, 21+ (18+ if you are a JRDA program graduate).

More information about our fresh meat program can be found here.

Congrats PRDJ USA Team East Members

Congratulations to our Juniors – Boomerang, Tom-a-Hawk, and Unstoppable – chosen to represent the USA Team East in the 2018 Junior Roller Derby World Cup! To say we are proud is an understatement! Stay tuned for the road to World Cup and follow us on Facebook. @phillyrollerderbyjuniors
#wearephilly #juniorrollerderbyworldcup2018#eastisbeast #jrda #soproud


After an amazing year and a very successful weekend in Kansas, the PRD Juniors received an invite to the 2017 JRDA Championships in Loveland, CO.

We are so very proud of our Juniors and and want to thank everyone who has helped them achieve this goal!

Dolls Earn a Spot in Full Metal Bracket

PRD works hard to have a league that is chock full of strong skaters. We have so many that we are able to fill 3 travel teams, all of which can rival “A” teams of other leagues. So it’s not a surprise that our Independence Dolls have earned one of ten spots to compete in the first ever “B” team championships in Austin, TX called Full Metal Bracket, hosted by Texas Rollergirls.
This year the Dolls had to reinvent themselves after a big turnover in skaters in the first half of the season. Adding new faces and gaining a few old has made this team a fierce competitor that is determined to show that nothing makes a team better than a true desire to see every player succeed. The Dolls‘ have become a family and like a real family – you don’t get to pick ’em but you still end up of loving them – that’s the secret to the Doll‘s success. Challengers beware because we are awesome Dolls and we will KILL KILL KILL!!!

Dolls Shake Off the Rust in Seattle

The Independence Dolls have been busy so far this season playing teams from all over the country! This August, they traveled to Seattle, Washington to skate in the 2015 Rust Riot B-Team Tournament. Hosted by Seattle’s Rat City Roller Girls, the two-day tournament included the B-Teams from four of WFTDA’s top 20 leagues: Philadelphia, Denver, Windy City, and Seattle.

The Dolls arrived to the Rat’s Nest, Seattle’s home rink, Saturday morning ready for an exciting day of derby. In the first of two games that day, Philly faced Denver. These two teams played a close game earlier in the season with the Dolls edging them out by two points. The tournament rematch was equally exciting. The Dolls started strong, however Denver came back from behind in the second period to win 181 to 172. After a short break, the Dolls were back on the track later that day to play Windy City. Rallying together with amazing teamwork and skills, they won 223 to 104. In their final game of weekend, Philly faced the hometown favorites, Seattle’s Reign of Terror, on Sunday. Seattle won 188 to 123, though it ended up being their closest game of the weekend, as they beat the other teams by over a hundred points.

Though a grueling weekend, the Dolls emerged a stronger and more cohesive team. As the 2015 season comes to a close, they have their sights set on the Full Metal Bracket B-Team Tournament in October. Hosted by the Texas Rollergirls, the top 10 North American B-Teams will have a chance to battle it out for the number one position.

Drum Roll, Please!

Philly Roller Derby is proud to present the newest selection of Liberty Belles for 2016.

Congratulations to:

00 – Meryl StripHer

06 – Castro

127 – Niki Cash

144 – Holden Killfield

152 – Hermann Monster

1915 – ZipBlock

247 – Devoida Mercy

313 – Emma Nockuout

404 – JK Trolling

434 – Wolf

44 – Fully Addomatic

45 – Bilt Ta Spill

66 – Little Loca

798 – Kung Pow Kitten

80 – Pop A. Roach

85 – Teflon Donna

86 – Whacks Poetic

9 – Deb, Seriously

957 – Ginger Vitis

99 – Russian Bayou