Drum Roll, Please!

Philly Roller Derby is proud to present the newest selection of All Stars for 2015. Congratulations to:

00 – Meryl Stripher

06 – Castro

100 – Antidote

13 – Duby Sosa

144 – Holden Killfield

15 – Kilmartin

152 – Herrmann Monster

18 – Vanessa “V-Diva” Sites

247 – Devoida Mercy

31 – Jean Weaver

313 – Emma Nockuout

33 – Legend

401 – Tarantula

404 – J. K. Trolling

42 – Susie Nugent

45 – Bilt ta Spill

630 – Grim Reber

7 – Clam Jammer

72 – Goodnight Irene

80 – Roach

828 – Kessel Runt

85 – Teflon Donna

86 – Whacks Poetic

88 – Harrier

9 – Deb, Seriously

957 – Ginger Vitis

99 – Russian Bayou

A55 – KickAsh

K9 – Verve

0 – Damage

Drum Roll, Please!

Philly Roller Derby is proud to present the newest selection of All Stars for 2015.

Congratulations to:

00 Meryl StripHer

06 Castro

100 Antidote

15 Kilmartin

152 Herrmann Monster

18 V-Diva

247 Devoida Mercy

313 Emma Nockuout

33 Legend

401 Tarantula

434 Wolf

55 KickAsh

66 Little Loca

72 Goodnight Irene

80 Roach

85 Teflon Donna

86 Whacks Poetic

9 Deb Seriously

957 Ginger Vitis

99 Russian Bayou

ECDX 2018!

ECDX is Philly Roller Derby’s biggest event and fundraiser of the year and has been since 2007. ECDX is, true to its name, a roller derby extravaganza with lots of roller derby bouts, fun, swimming, and community. ECDX 2018 will be held June 22nd-24th at the Sportsplex! (1331 Oreilly Dr. Feasterville, Pennsylvania)
Follow us on Facebook @ecdx2018 ! There is an event page for the day of events, but if you follow our ECDX page you’ll have all the information you need!

The team interest form has been posted on our Facebook, but if your team is still interested in being a part of the action please email ecdxreg@gmail.com.
We are proud to announce the Tournament Head Referee: Judge Double Wapner and Tournament Head NSO: Toxic Marcotic! We look forward to working with these fine individuals this year. Please be on the lookout for Officials’ updates on how YOU can be a part of ECDX 2018’s officiating crews!

!!!NEW NEWS!!!

We’re adding a little bit of a spin to ECDX this year! We will be adding some amazing clinics and seminars in addition to the traditional ECDX fun in the sun! These clinics and seminars will be lead by some of the best coaches in the world of roller derby! Our coaches list and more information regarding the clinics is soon to come. You will find the most information on our ECDX Facebook page.

Event pricing and participation, etc. will be made public within the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience!
We can’t wait to see you all at ECDX 2018, the best derby summer getaway! Make ECDX your SUMMER SKATECATION!!!

Fun in the Sun

The Philly Junior Travel Team are excited to announce they are heading to Florida on April 30 for their first long-distance travel experience. They will be taking on three highly competitive JRDA teams from Florida and Georgia. Over the weekend, they will face off against Tampa Junior Roller Derby, Jacksonville Junior Roller Derby and Sk8 City Sirens from Savannah, Georgia.

The juniors have been working really hard and are excited for such an opportunity. Coach Devoida Mercy spoke of her excitement about the upcoming junior games. “I think the first tournament experience is going to be what launches our team into the future. The opportunity for our skaters to play, watch and learn from some of the top teams in the country will help us to focus on becoming the top level team we know that we can be in the months and years to come.”

The travel team skaters are just as excited, especially travel team skaters (and sisters) Motley Dru and Ruff Red.

“This trip is an amazing opportunity for everyone and it’s so exciting that we actually get to travel out of the state. We have come so far as a team, and made so many friends! It’s also super cool that my younger sister made the travel team and we can work together to win all these games!!!!!”~Motley Dru

“Leaving the state will give us extra motivation to win! I can’t wait to play with the more experienced skaters. It will really improve my skills in skating!”~Ruff Red

To keep up to date with our travel adventures, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Fundraiser for Nina Knockout

On Friday August 21, over 10 years of skaters, officials and volunteers celebrated a decade of Philly Roller Derby at the Blue Cross RiverRink on the Delaware waterfront. The evening of skating to tunes spun by DJ Code Freeze and reminiscing with friends and teammates also featured a silent auction and fundraiser to benefit retired skater, Nina Knockout, who was the victim of an in-home attack in late July.

Showcasing donations of gift certificates and wares from countless local businesses, as well as hand-made items from local artists and derby skaters, the auction raised over $3K for Nina and her family. Blue Cross RiverRink generously donated 100% of their door sales to PRD’s efforts, as well, making the event a complete success!

Nina was an integral skater for Philly Roller Derby, as a Hostile City Honey, then as a Broad Street Butcher, as well as part of the first Liberty Belles All-Star team. She was also an integral member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, and served as a liaison for the league for many years. In the sea of skaters donning their former uniforms, she and her family were beloved guests of honor.

For more information on how to help the Knockouts on this long road to recovery, please visit love4danecia.com.

Thank you to all the generous donors, and a special thanks to alumni Butterscotch Cripple and Dotti Horror for their tireless efforts in making the event a success.

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Double Vision Embroidery 
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Halcyon Floats
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Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby
F.A.N. Salon + Boutique
Fireball Distilling
Five Stride Skate Shop
Fossil Watches
Jackie Daniels
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John Licata
Joellen Leather-Urban
The Lara + Joe Show
Little Baby’s Ice Cream
Mark Cline
MeanCat Apparel
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Nikki Philippe Pet Portraits
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Philadelphia Brewing Company
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Radar Wheels
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Sarah Davenport Photography
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World Cafe Live 

Intermediate Skills Workshop

Join the coaches and league members of PRD for a workshop full of hitting and pack-driven drills and a partial run-through of our fresh meat tryout assessment. Come test your skills and get to know the league before tryouts on November 15th!

WHEN: Sunday, October 18
WHERE: Millennium Skate World, 1900 Carman Street, Camden, NJ
TIME: 11AM-1PM (Registration starts at 10:45am)
GEAR: You must wear full gear: helmet, mouthguard, knee, wrist, and elbow pads – and skates, of course! (While there are skates available for rent at no cost, we do recommend a better quality skate if you choose to proceed through the fresh meat program. Loaner gear will also be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.)
COST: $10

Please bring a valid photo ID and wear something with your name on it (shirt, helmet, etc).
Please note that this event is open to all genders. 


Tryouts are in a month – are you ready?

Knocktoberfest Weekend

Come check out our double-header home bout on Saturday, October 10th as the Philly Roller Derby Juniors battle their teammates in an intramural bout, followed by the Liberty Belles versus the Charlottesville Derby Dames. Doors open at 5 PM, first whistle at 6 PM, at the 23rd Street Armory. Tickets and info for Saturday’s double header here.

Need more derby? Of course you do! The action continues on Sunday morning as the Block Party take on the Beckley Area Derby Dames at 11 AM, and the Independence Dolls take on Brandywine Rollergirls at 1 PM, all at the 23rd Street Armory. Tickets and info for Sunday’s bouts here.

Liberty Belles Head to Playoffs!

Philly Roller Derby is out at the 2015 International WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Dallas this weekend, and they’ve made it through the first day!

Since arriving in Dallas, the team has enjoyed lots of In N Out Burger, some time by the pool, and their first game against Dallas IN Dallas.

Playing the home team in a tournament in the first round of the tournament is not an ideal situation, but the Liberty Belles were up to the challenge. After a full day of great derby, the Liberty Belles’ game was the headliner at 8pm Central time and the crowd was the biggest of the day.

“You’d think that having an entire stadium of people cheering against you would be daunting, but it actually helped to make us closer as a team. It really felt like it was us against the world,” said Belles jammer Herrmann Monster #152.

The first half of the bout saw Philly with an early lead that didn’t stick. With a few Belles jammer penalties, the Dallas team capitalized to catch up and take the lead at the half 84 to 81. To say that the crowd was pleased is an understatement. The Belles headed to the locker room at the half, past a smug Dallas crowd with an almost even game despite being ranked 10th over the 21st ranked Dallas Derby Devils. A loss in this game would have meant an early end to the Belles’ season and no trip to Championships for the first time since 2007.

“The first period was really a learning period for us, because the majority of the time we go into a tournament knowing so much about our opponents. This was a unique situation where we didn’t have any recent footage or information about Dallas or really – what we were up against,” said Liberty Belles Captain Teflon Donna.

The second half though, saw an obvious change in the Liberty Belles and their game play. Belles captain Teflon Donna #85 explains the change:

“It was really about settling into our game and calming down to figure ourselves out and how we expect to play for the rest of the tournament. You can see it in the stats and the difference between the halves. We really figured ourselves out.”

As fellow Captain V Diva #18 put it, “Overall, I would say that we focused on playing our own game. For me personally, I stopped listening to the crowd and began to focus on what was going on, on the track. We definitely felt them out the first period. They came out really strong and we just made adjustments.”

The adjustments seemed to have worked. The Belles dominated the second half, doubling their points in the second half from 81 to 160, bringing their final tally to 161 – while at the same time cutting Dallas’ points by over half – from 84 to only 30 in the second half.

The final score was 241 to 114 and the Belles move on to face yet another Texas team, the 7th ranked Texecutioners tonight (9/12) at 8pm Central. Catch the action at WFTDA.TV for just $15 (a weekend pass).