PRD Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is now rolling admission – you can join whenever you want! All skill levels allowed. You must be 18+ in order to participate. You will be able to progress through the program at your own pace.

Training Details:
Fresh Meat practices are held at our Warehouse (5378 Belfield Ave, Philadelphia) on Sundays and Thursdays.

**Your first Fresh Meat practice is FREE!**

Details will be provided at your first practice.  No need to sign up, just show up and skate.

Also, on Wednesdays, we will be offering something new for the Fresh Meat. While you will not be able to skate in the PRD scrimmage, you may come and participate as an NSO, referee, or simply watch PRD scrimmage for the evening.
Wednesdays*** 7:00 – 9:00 pm ***

All Fresh Meat are expected to have their own gear by the first day of practice. If you do not have gear, we have limited gear for you to borrow. Please contact Zuri Pryor-Graves  to request gear. Skaters will not be able to participate in practice without the appropriate gear, including:
A helmet (no bike helmets)
Knee pads
Wrist guards
Elbow pads
Mouth guard
When choosing your gear, make sure you pick high quality roller derby/skate pads. Note: we do NOT consider roller blading pads, volleyball pads, etc to appropriate padding.

You will receive a welcome Fresh Meat packet when you join, detailing the training schedule, finances, league and membership requirements, etc. You will not be required to have WFTDA insurance for these practices. Once you become a PRD league member, you will be required to obtain WFTDA insurance.

Note: We do not currently have a men’s leagues, but are always recruiting officials!

PRD Moves In!

Philly Roller Derby has moved into their new Warehouse!  After nearly 11 years, of practicing and playing derby in and around Philadelphia and Camden, the teams are proud to have a place to call their own!

Centrally located in Philadelphia, you can find PRD practicing and scrimmaging  in our new Warehouse at 5378 Belfield Ave, Philadelphia.

For up-to-date information on local events and scrimmages, please check out the Philly Roller Derby Facebook page at:

Philly Roller Derby Facebook

Fun in the Sun

The Philly Junior Travel Team are excited to announce they are heading to Florida on April 30 for their first long-distance travel experience. They will be taking on three highly competitive JRDA teams from Florida and Georgia. Over the weekend, they will face off against Tampa Junior Roller Derby, Jacksonville Junior Roller Derby and Sk8 City Sirens from Savannah, Georgia.

The juniors have been working really hard and are excited for such an opportunity. Coach Devoida Mercy spoke of her excitement about the upcoming junior games. “I think the first tournament experience is going to be what launches our team into the future. The opportunity for our skaters to play, watch and learn from some of the top teams in the country will help us to focus on becoming the top level team we know that we can be in the months and years to come.”

The travel team skaters are just as excited, especially travel team skaters (and sisters) Motley Dru and Ruff Red.

“This trip is an amazing opportunity for everyone and it’s so exciting that we actually get to travel out of the state. We have come so far as a team, and made so many friends! It’s also super cool that my younger sister made the travel team and we can work together to win all these games!!!!!”~Motley Dru

“Leaving the state will give us extra motivation to win! I can’t wait to play with the more experienced skaters. It will really improve my skills in skating!”~Ruff Red

To keep up to date with our travel adventures, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

PRD Prepares to Bring Pain to Discomfort

Philly Roller Derby’s All Stars are starting out their season with a bang! After a knuckle biting one point last jam win over Garden State’s A team, the Independence Dolls are travelling south with their Liberty Belle companions to Southern Discomfort, a tournament hosted in Columbia, SC by the Columbia Quad Squad, April 15th-17th.  This is Philly’s first time travelling to Southern Discomfort, a tournament which has been increasing with notoriety since its inception in 2014.   

The Independence Dolls are the first to play in the entire tournament taking on the host B team, the Columbia Quad Squad Miss B-Havers Friday afternoon.  They then get to enjoy Saturday’s games before finishing up their weekend against Tampa Roller Derby’s Bruise Crew on Sunday.

The Liberty Belles will be playing three games across two days taking on Tampa’s A team, the lovely Rideau Valley Vixens from Canada first to hone their play and then finishing against their most challenging opponent, Jacksonville’s New Jax City Rollers who are currently ranked 7th in the world.

We’re wishing both teams a clean sweep at their first trips to Southern Discomfort!

Follow the excitement of the weekend with #prdtravels.

Drum Roll, Please!

Philly Roller Derby is proud to present the newest selection of Liberty Belles for 2016.

Congratulations to:

00 – Meryl StripHer

06 – Castro

127 – Niki Cash

144 – Holden Killfield

152 – Hermann Monster

1915 – ZipBlock

247 – Devoida Mercy

313 – Emma Nockuout

404 – JK Trolling

434 – Wolf

44 – Fully Addomatic

45 – Bilt Ta Spill

66 – Little Loca

798 – Kung Pow Kitten

80 – Pop A. Roach

85 – Teflon Donna

86 – Whacks Poetic

9 – Deb, Seriously

957 – Ginger Vitis

99 – Russian Bayou

nothing junior about this roster

Philly Roller Derby is proud to announce Philly Roller Derby Junior’s first JRDA travel team charter of 2016.

99 – Ana
817 – BOOMeRaNg
29 – Demon Spawn
95 – Devilled Leggz
92 – Dragon Slayer
80 – Em-80
1021 – Galaxy Smash
394 – Hermione Maimer
5 – Iron Jadyn
777 – Jostling Josie
181 – Maddy Long Legs
15 – Motley Drü
10 – Rainbow Crash
14 – Ruff Red
17 – Take Down Diva
00 – Thunder Thighs
171 – Tom-A-Hawk
101 – Ty Fighter
13 – Unstoppable
20 – Ya Ya The Destroyer

Stay tuned for more information on the home season.

Wheels up!

Philly Roller Derby is proud to congratulate Devoida Mercy and Teflon Donna who were announced as coaches for the Northeast Regional team competing in the 2016 JRDA/AAU Junior Olympics.

This is the first co-ed competition of its kind and will consist of eight teams made up of skaters from the US regions, as well as teams from Australia, Canada, and an international team. This event will be a collaboration with the roller derby’s Olympic Movement organization, USA Roller Sports (USARS).

As co-founders of the PRD Junior’s program, Teflon Donna and Devoida Mercy are no stranger to fostering youth sports through roller derby. Over the past three years they have worked to successfully develop a juniors program that trains young skaters of all levels, from beginners to competitive travel-team level play. PRD Junior skater, Rainbow Crash, age 12, said “Tef and Mercy push me to my limits and inspire me to be a better skater.” “Tef gives me extra tips on how to do new things when I don’t understand them. She makes it easier to learn!,” said Iron Jadyn, age 11. The focus of their coaching is on teamwork and communication, footwork, strategy and positive attitudes, resulting in a healthy season of competition–and smiling faces at the end of every session!

In addition to their work with PRDJ, they coached at JuniorCon for the past three years, offering workshops on everything from transitions to defensive strategies and jamming-focused skills. They have proven themselves to be great leaders and integral parts of the growing junior derby community. Hermione Maimer, age 13, said, “Mercy and Tef are amazing skaters, amazing coaches, and amazing people. It’s not enough for them to be great themselves – they want us to be great too!”

Keep tabs on Tef and Mercy by following the PRD Juniors on Facebook and find out more information about the 2016 JRDA Olympics.

PRD wants you!

Be Philly Roller Derby’s next secret weapon – without even having to strap on skates!

PRD is looking for off-skates managers to help run their teams and be the next big thing. Responsibilities include helping Captains run practice, attending management meetings and traveling with the team to help run the bench during games. Be involved in one of roller derby’s top tier Division 1 leagues and get to experience derby from the inside track! Contact Castro at by Feb 14 for more info!

Annual Tryouts: Are You Game?

Come be a part of one of the best roller derby leagues in the world! Then join us on November 15th for our annual tryouts.

WHEN: Sunday, November 15
WHERE: Millennium Skate World, 1900 Carman Street, Camden, NJ
TIME: 11AM-2PM (Registration starts at 10:45am)
GEAR: You must wear full gear: helmet, mouthguard, knee, wrist, and elbow pads – and skates, of course! (While there are skates available for rent at no cost, we do recommend a better quality skate if you choose to proceed through the fresh meat program. Loaner gear will also be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.)

Please bring a valid photo ID and wear something with your name on it (shirt, helmet, etc). Tryouts are open to females, 21+ (18+ if you are a JRDA program graduate).

More information about our fresh meat program can be found here.