Russian Bayou

Jammers beware – Russian Bayou is a blocker you don’t want to be up against! Learn more about what surprised her the most about this sport, and herself.

Derby Name

Russian Bayou





Favorite/Signature Move

I’m not sure if I have a “signature move” but definitely like to always keep the opposing jammer behind me.

What do you like most about roller derby?

I love working closely with my teammates. Derby is a very dynamic sport and decisions need to be made quickly. It’s the best feeling when we are in sync with each other and get the job done.

Why did you start playing?

My mom saw a television program about roller derby and thought that it would be something I would be really into. She was right as soon as skates on for the first time I knew I was all in.

What surprised you about the sport?

I had no idea when I started how to be a good teammate I had never played a team sport and it takes a lot of coordination on and off the track for the organization to function and thrive.

Why did you choose PRD?

I transferred PRD because I craved a higher level of game play. I commute from Lancaster which makes for some long days but it’s completely worth it.

Because of roller derby…

I’m a team player.


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