Young EmC

She may be small but she’s mighty! Learn more about Dolls’ skater Young EmC, what brought her to Philly, and what she loves best about this sport.

Derby Name

Young EmC




Primarily jammer, sometimes pivot/blocker

Favorite/Signature Move

I like fake out jukes. It feels like I got away with something.

What do you like most about roller derby?

Having a good time and doing fun things with my teammates.

Why did you start playing?

I watched Whip It. I thought that if roller derby was real, those people were really cool and I wanted to be really cool, too.

What surprised you about the sport?

It is not anything like Whip It. But it is really cool.

Why did you choose PRD?

I wanted to challenge myself and play at a higher level of competition. I also love traveling and thought if I could couple it with roller derby, that would be cool.

Because of roller derby…

I learned how to rollerskate, which is really fun. I made it through a tough period in life. I met a lot of different, great people. I gained healthy self-confidence. I found a fun way to stay in shape that isn’t boring like going to the gym.


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