Dubbed “the bulldozer” by her leaguemates, find out what makes her hits so powerful and why she says her ego is a liar.

Derby Name



UH0H (now 1915)



Favorite/Signature Move


What do you like most about roller derby?

It is an empowering female collaborative sport that relies on the idea that strength and power are found in so many different amazing shapes and sizes both physically and emotionally. It is just pretty freaking awesome.

Why did you start playing?

I have always played sports but they have been odd sports like field hockey that I can not just go to a park and get people to play. I was tired of rec leagues and intramural sports. I wanted to invest my body and time into a highly competitive intense sport that I could learn and compete in as an adult. Roller Derby was that for me.

What surprised you about the sport?

I remember watching for the first time thinking, “Z, you have to do this so you can rule this sport, it looks so easy.” My ego is a liar because in 20 years of playing different sports roller derby is by far the most difficult and continues to challenge me.

Why did you choose PRD?

I was fortunate to start graduate school right outside of the city and move to Philadelphia.

Because of roller derby...

I am at my physical and mental best. I feel strong, beautiful, athletic, powerful, healthy, driven, and happy.


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