Fun in the Sun

The Philly Junior Travel Team are excited to announce they are heading to Florida on April 30 for their first long-distance travel experience. They will be taking on three highly competitive JRDA teams from Florida and Georgia. Over the weekend, they will face off against Tampa Junior Roller Derby, Jacksonville Junior Roller Derby and Sk8 City Sirens from Savannah, Georgia.

The juniors have been working really hard and are excited for such an opportunity. Coach Devoida Mercy spoke of her excitement about the upcoming junior games. “I think the first tournament experience is going to be what launches our team into the future. The opportunity for our skaters to play, watch and learn from some of the top teams in the country will help us to focus on becoming the top level team we know that we can be in the months and years to come.”

The travel team skaters are just as excited, especially travel team skaters (and sisters) Motley Dru and Ruff Red.

“This trip is an amazing opportunity for everyone and it’s so exciting that we actually get to travel out of the state. We have come so far as a team, and made so many friends! It’s also super cool that my younger sister made the travel team and we can work together to win all these games!!!!!”~Motley Dru

“Leaving the state will give us extra motivation to win! I can’t wait to play with the more experienced skaters. It will really improve my skills in skating!”~Ruff Red

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