Mission Statement

Philly Roller Derby’s mission is to use roller derby training and competition to promote health, athleticism, and personal development in a diverse and inclusive league that has strong community bonds.

Philly Roller Derby’s vision is to competitively represent the city of Philadelphia in the sport of roller derby through our core values.

Philly Roller Derby upholds the values of:

  • Anti-racism, anti-ethnocentricity, anti-religious discrimination, and anti-xenophobia – No form of racism or discrimination based on background is tolerable within our league or within our city, and we work to make our space safe for people of every race and background. Diversity makes us stronger.
  • Intersectional Feminism – Roller derby empowers women and nonbinary people to take up space, be leaders, and have healthy relationships with their bodies.
  • Queer diversity and liberation – We strive to be anti-heteronormative and anti-cisnormative. People of all sexualities and genders have a place in derby.
  • Body positivity/neutrality – All bodies and athletic skill sets are welcome and encouraged to be part of our league, in whatever capacity they wish.
  • Community – We are dedicated to learning and growing as a group, and engaging with others in our community. This includes fans, friends and family, Germantown, and the greater city of Philadelphia.
  • Athleticism and Competition – We encourage our members to work hard at all levels of competition.
  • Teamwork – We operate as a league in all things we do. Every member at every level of our league is responsible for our success. We are stronger together.