Officiating Crew

Officiating Crew

Officiating is a vital (and fun, we think!) part of Roller Derby.¬†Without support staff, games can’t run smoothly: who’s going to make sure the jams start and stop on time; who’s going to count the points and run the scoreboard; who’s going to call penalties and ensure that they’re served properly?

The role of Officiating is broken into two categories: Skating Officials (SOs) and Non-Skating Officials (NSOs).  Philly Roller Derby has a long history of excellence in both – but new recruits are just as vital to our strength as they are to the strength of the Liberty Belles.

You can join the league at no cost as an official: there are no dues or other expenses to NSOs (SOs have to purchase their own skate gear, including pads, as well as inexpensive annual insurance through the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association).¬† It’s the cheapest (and again the most fun, we think!) way of getting involved with the sport.

If you’re able to attend our Wednesday night scrimmages at our practice warehouse, we’ll train you and get you ready to assist with games.  Whether you want to only help PRD at home or you aspire to regional, national or international events, we can help you get there.

No previous experience is expected or required, just a good attitude to go toward a good cause.¬† Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Interested in being an Official? We welcome skating and non-skating individuals to participate with our league! Join us at our quarterly Open House Events or reach out to