Lady MacDeath

September’s Skater of the Month:
Lady MacDeath #999

🌟We welcomed MacDeath to PRD this season with huge open arms and we are so thankful 🙏🏽to have her as an active skater, encouraging teammate and inspiring skater with willingness to grow individually and with her team(s). 👯👯

👉🏼👉🏼Since she has joined PRD she has grown immensely as a skater. As a recently Freshmeat graduate, prior to transferring to Philly, she jumped in and contributed to the Freshmeat program! She helped guide new skaters to have the same drive and love for derby that we all have!😍❤️

MacDeath is a part of the Block Party travel team and Passyunk Punks 🤘🏼home team! She will put on any hat and rock that jam to the best of her abilities. After practices we loved having special 🍰🍪treats n sweets 🎂🍩provided by her mother, Mama Bear! 🐻💖PRD will miss this and most importantly MACDEATH when she heads back to Portland to continue her higher education! We will miss all she has contributed to Philly this season and hope that she’ll be back soon! 😢😘Thank you MacDeath, you’ll be awesome wherever derby takes you! ⚡️⚡️