So. Much. Derby!

Come check out our double-header home bout on Saturday, May 30th as the Philly Block Party takes on the Garden State Rollergirls, followed by the Philly Independence Dolls bout vs. Toronto’s Hammer City. Doors open at 5 PM, first whistle at 6 PM, at Class of 1923 Arena. Tickets and info for Saturday’s double header here.

Need more derby? Of course you do! The action continues on Sunday morning as our Philly CheeseSkates play NOVA Roller Derby at 9 AM, and the PRD Juniors take on Gotham Girls Junior Derby immediately after at 11 AM. It’s all at Class of 1923 Arena with light brunch foods featuring homemade crepes by Meryl Stripher and All Star bake sale goodies to enjoy while you watch! Brunch and bruises—what could be better? Tickets and info for Sunday bouts here.

222 thoughts on “So. Much. Derby!

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