July’s Skater of the Month:
#MyGurlSus #42

💫Susie is an all around bundle of fun, fierce and positivity! 💫 She is always making huge steps to improve her game as well as support her teammates! Susie can take on any role that is needed to help the league or her team. As a jammer, blocker or even the league’s rainbow unicorn, space cat mascot! 🌈🦄🚀🐱

👍🏼Yep– she’s a hashtag because she’s someone you should all search and know!
💖We love Sus and she is probably the best person to party with too! ☺️🥂🔮🎀

I hope yall saw #MyGurlSus at East Coast Derby Extravaganza this past weekend because she dominated the track with the Party Dolls! 🎉