Liberty Belles

PRD’s hard-hitting all-star travel team represent the league at the highest level of inter-league competition. The team is currently ranked 23rd in the world and has remained in the Top 25 worldwide since joining the WFTDA in 2005. When they’re not defending our home turf, they travel across the country and around the world to compete in tournaments against other division 1 teams. These skaters are just as hard and just as cracked as the Liberty Bell.

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Representing PRD against WFTDA “B” level travel teams, up-and-coming WFTDA “A” level travel teams and non-WFTDA all-star teams, Block Party skaters are adaptable and agile competitors. Many Block Party members serve as alternates for the Liberty Belles and are nothing to be trifled with. Together, these 30 skaters make up PRD’s International All-Star travel team contingent. The Block Party know how to skate fast and party hard!

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City Wide Specials

Considered a pick-up team, the City Wide Specials are a motley crew of skaters not already skating for the Liberty Belles or Block party who are interested in additional competitive playing time. The the City Wide Specials represent PRD primarily against regional competitors, bringing the party to New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and even Ohio. Wherever they go, they bring a competitive spirit on- and off- the track!


The CheeseSkates are comprised of PRD’s new skaters and compete primarily against regional teams. Skaters develop existing skills and learn competitive strategies executed by the league. Like the iconic sandwich they’re named after, the CheeseSkates are a Philly right of passage.

Hometeams: Passyunk Punks, Germantown Loose Cannons and West Philly Warriors

PRD drafts skaters onto three hometeams each year. The hometeams mix eligible PRD skaters of all skill levels to encourage skaters to grow as athletes, coaches, and members of the PRD community. For fans, the hometeams promise fierce competition among skaters who know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and habits. Hometeam bouts are an awesome mix of PRD’s competitive spirit and community love.

The home team season runs February to April with all three teams vying for the Citywide Championship. Tickets to all hometeam bouts are available via ticketleap.

The Passyunk Punks

Mosh pits trained these punks to hit hard and keep going. The Passyunk Punks

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Germantown Loose Cannons


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West Philly Warriors

You all know the story of PRD’s West Philly Warriors… “In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the skating rink is where we spent most of our days. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, and skating in some jams, outside of the school, when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in our neighborhood. We got in one little fight and our moms got scared they said, ‘You’re moving with your Derby league into in the Jawn’.”<team picture forthcoming>