Travel Teams

As of January 1, 2023, Philly Roller Derby’s A and B team charters have officially changed their names. Philly’s A team charter will now be “Philly Roller Derby” and Philly’s B team charter will be “Philly Roller Derby B Team”.

The decision to undergo the name change for our A team charter from “Liberty Belles” to “Philly Roller Derby” was not an easy decision to make. Our Belles have worked extremely hard to make it to WFTDA’s top 10. From their rise in rankings in 2019, to their love for their teammates, their dedication to the sport and to each other, the Belles will be remembered as an incredible representation of what makes this sport.

Ultimately, we realized that “Liberty Belles” is not a name that promotes inclusivity. Therefore, with the intention to be more welcoming to all identities, we decided “Philly Roller Derby” is well suited for both of our charters. It is a gender neutral name that states exactly who we are.

Although we are changing our name, we will always hold the “Liberty Belles” with high regard and continue to carry on their immense love and dedication to the game. After all, we are Philly.


PRD’s hard-hitting all-star travel team represent the league at the highest level of inter-league competition. The team has remained in the Top 25 worldwide since joining the WFTDA in 2005. When they’re not defending our home turf, they travel across the country and around the world to compete in tournaments against other Division 1 teams.


Representing PRD against WFTDA “B” level travel teams, up-and-coming WFTDA “A” level travel teams and non-WFTDA all-star teams, these skaters are adaptable and agile competitors.